This “Monk” has no “Ferrari” to Sell. His only aim is the welfare of India and it’s People.

It seems almost all Exit Poll Result 2019 predictions were right and accurate. IndiaToday-Axis predicted the highest number of NDA seats (352). You can see my post on Exit Poll 2019 results. And as I was waching the poll analysis and writing this blog NDA lead was NDA:352, UPA:92, MGB:20, OTH:78 at 6:30 pm. These figures were closer to the predictions. And the trend was showing a gigantic and massive Modi and NDA victory.

There have been many controversies on Twitter on this Monk’s visit to Kedarnath and spending a night in the secluded cave for his own inward jouney, contemplation, reflection, and meditation. This must have definately given him some sort of relaxation and peace after the intense political campaiganing. There was a huge buzz of praise and criticism for his visit to Kedarnath in the online media and social media. Some Twitterati said that there was a red carpet welcome to this monk on his Kedarnath visit. And some criticized that the cave in which he spent a night has all facilities like a hotel. The true meditation journey has two aspects - one half is that of an individual and secluded inward journey, and the other half is that of the individual being present in the outward world of the people and their welfare. So meditation is not only for the development of an individual but is also for the development of the nation and the world. All meditation is for better people and better world. This saint, this monk, Narendra Damodardas Modi, is a true “Karma Yogi” and he has no physical things to give-up including any Ferrari.

And to me a monk who sells his Ferrari to attain something on the path of spirituality has really not understood what true spirituality is. The true monk is one who does not lose his equanimity in the thickness of the world. The true monk is one who does not lose his equanimity and stillness even while driving his Ferrari. So the question of selling the Ferrari is out of question. Moreover, this monk has no Ferrari to sell.

What is Renunciation?

In the old spiritual tradition there was something called renunciation on the path of spirituality. The person on the path of spirituality used to give-up everything of the world? His family, friends, wealth, and all other possessions. But is this kind of renunciation true? We can never give-up anything really. And there is no need. Any spirituality which is not part of the world and which is part of the other world is of no use. Any spirituality that is anti-life is of no use and utility. Its a sheer nonsense. What is real renunciation then? Real renunciation is not to give-up anything physically but to disidentify with thoughts and the mind. Real renunciation is to give up wrong ideas, wrong notions, wrong beliefs. Real renunciation is to give up prejudices and preconceived notions. Real renunciation is to be a “Nishkam Karma Yogi”.

The message of this monk (“Karma Yogi”) is loud and clear in his own following words:

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